we bring order in your infrastructure & integration landscape

Pryorit core functions

Pryorit interconnect seamlessly through a series of core functions, providing our customers with a powerful software to discover, visualize and interact with their IT landscapes, be it any or all of their cross functional dependencies, applications, infrastructure or integrations!

Instant sync of your whole IT environment 
- Pryorit information mode

Pryorit acts as a frontend to your whole enterprise infrastructure and integration landscape.

It can act as a registry for all your meta information and artifacts located anywhere in your enterprise environment. No matter if it is in the cloud or on premise. It is a live, up to date version-controlled documentation repository, reflecting the reality.

All of Pryorits' components and agents are jacked in to the information model, making sure any discovered, created or changed information is synchronized and up to date.

The information model communicates through our RESTful API to both Pryorit internal components as well as external applications.

Pryorit comes with its own agent framework through which all our agents are developed. The benefits of a proprietary agent framework is that we can secure full compliance throughout the whole lifecycle of Pryorit.

The framework provides a standardized architecture and method for developing and configuring agents for any situation.

In the rare cases our out of the box agents doesn't match the customer requirements, either Pryorit Solutions or the client themselves can develop specialized agents through this framework. 

Use standard agents or build you own

- Pryorit agent framework

Collect and store all your data in one tool

- Pryorit discovery agents

While discovery agents (collecting data from client network and data storages) are the most commonly used of Pryorits' agents, the product also relies on deploy agents (communicating deploy data to both Pryorit and third-party applications).

Discovery can also be performed by scripts upon client requirement. Regardless of collection method both types communicate to Pryorit through our API in one end and typically through REST, SQL or config files in the other end. 

There is no limitation to which platforms our discovery agents supports as long as the information is available for consumption.

Visualize your whole enterprise through customized landscapes. Design your automated updated system-centric views, integration views, infrastructure views or any other preferred views.

Any view that helps the organization to follow and understand dependencies and impact on changes made in the infrastructure and organization.

Customized views of your IT landscape

- Pryorit
landscape vizualizer

Build custom components

- Pryorit object builder

Pryorit comes with a vast amount of ready designed objects to suit most of the enterprise needs. However, if no object fulfills the needs to complete the required and desired landscape views, it is possible through Pryorits pure web-based Object Builder to design, customize or extend existing objects that is either specific to your organization or vendor specific.

The created or updated objects will be instantly shared and accessible to the landscape designer.

On top of automated generated landscape views there is of course the possibility to design landscapes manually in a pure web-based drag and drop tool environment, instantly accessible and shared to other web viewers or designers.

Web-based drag-n-drop designer tool

- Pryorit Landscape Designer

Secure quality and control

- Pryorit Release Manager

Any serious enterprise management require full control and transparency throughout the whole process from design to deploy. There are no shortcuts in keeping a safe and secured process to accomplish quality and control.

With the Release manager you have the possibility to plan, establish separation of duty, discover conflicts and keep full version-controlled release. 

Enable preparation of the deployment execution like the order, sequence or in parallel, automated, manually or both of deployment steps.

Once it is ready for deploy it will be executed in an exact and secure predefined procedure from start to end to avoid conflicts and mistakes.

The deployment is independent of vendor environment and the only requirement in runtime is the presence of the standard or customized agents. 

Implement an automated deploy process

- Pryorit deploy manager

Automatically updated documentation

- Pryorit information repository

The Pryorit application is an out of the box information repository. It has for example the capability of acting as a fully-fledged Integration registry to manage the whole lifecycle from design to visualization of information relations and dependencies. No matter of structure or source of information.