we bring order in your infrastructure & integration landscape

Pryorit your digital transformation

Connect the dots with a software that allows you to break down and visualize all your IT complexities and support both business and IT organization with a vendor independent, fully customizable visualization tool with full version and conflict management, audit trails and automated release and deploy functions.

Bring Business and IT closer together

Demystify IT - Pryorit provides you with all information you need on your application dependencies in an easy to use fashion. Create a more accurate IT budget when understanding how your IT solutions interconnect with each other.

Use Pryorit to enhance...

Pryorit gives you the benefit of a well-structured real-time visualization of any IT landscape, positive effects in IT time to market, more effective change management, and fewer runtime incidents to name a few. All in one tool!

Our competitve flat rate pricing policy allow for excellent return of investment.

...your digital transformation

Automated coordination of releases grants our customers better change management, more effecient coordination and lower cost of development. All essential qualities to ease the digital transformation.

Real-time visualization supports...

About to roll out a new IT solution, perhaps over several different platforms? This often comes with complexity and synchronization issues.

Pryorit lets you design new or generate and modify existing landscapes on-demand, easily accessible to anyone, any time, anywhere. 

...Project Managers

Pryorit enables you to avoid weeks of cross team preparations by providing a real-time, on demand, view of your IT-landscapes and its dependencies.

...IT Operations

By using Pryorit you can manage and synchronize all components in one tool, while having full controll over each component and their dependencies in real-time.

Automated change management for...

Slowed down by a complex IT organisation with multiple development teams all dependent on eachother? Are extensive planning efforts and challenging coordination between teams part of your workday?

Pryorit pledge to bring order to your infrastructure and integration landscapes. We provide a fully-fledged up-to-date information repository.

...Product Owners

Pryorit helps you understand any upstream and downstream dependencies. Outpreform roll-outs or update projects with an intuitive and clear view of all your applications and their dependencies, including drill-down functionality.

...Implementation Leads

Pryorit helps you to keep track of all your versions, releases and deploys in each environment in real-time. Master release conflicts and audit trails with Pryorit.

A fully-fledged information repository to support your...

Are you fully aware of your integration details and its down stream dependencies? Was the documentation updated at the last release?

Pryorit pledge to bring order to your infrastructure landscapes. We provide a fully-fledged up-to-date information repository available to anyone, anywhere at any time.

...IT Operations

Configurable discovery agents collect up-to-date information from your network and store it in the information model. Utilize the data to get the most out of your infrastructure.

...Integration Center

Imagine utilizing an information repository where dependencies are updated in real-time and where automated integration implementation documentation is achievable. Pryorit grants true reflection of your run time reality.