we bring order in your infrastructure & integration landscape

What Pryorit flavour suits you best?

Together we configure and adapt Pryorit Information Model to support your reality. Both licenses let you utilize an unlimited number of standard agents, visualizations for any number of users.


On-demand visualization of integration and infrastructure components.

Cost: 850 EUR/month
on-prem or in cloud


Complete functionality​ – Discovery 
+ all core components

Cost: 1360 EUR/month
on-prem or in cloud

Product features

Unlimited number of concurrent users

Unlimited environments and landscapes

Generate and save landscape snapshots

Interactive landscapes with drill down functionality

Unlimited number of out-of-the-box discovery agents

Agent Framework to build or custumize your own agents

Landscape Vizualizer to show object dependencies

Add and customize landscape objects with Object Builder

Landscape Designer to design or edit your landscapes

Keep track of versions, releases, and deployments in real time

Generate deployable objects by the press of a button

Automated configuration management

Additional one-time costs applies during installation and configuration of Pryorit, cost vary depending on selected solution.

At on-prem, license fees will apply if customer has any requirements for specific third party products, for example a specific database.

At cloud based installations Pryorit applies re-invoicing of applicable cloud costs +6% to cover administration costs.